BANG!BANG! is a new all-female trio making their way to Southern California by way of Nashville, Tennessee.  The vivacious, soul melting vocal blend will be opening for none other than the “Queen of Rockabilly,” Wanda Jackson at Pappy and Harriet’s this Friday followed by a sure to light your skirt on fire performance at the new Big Rock Pub in Indio, Saturday.



"Witchy swampy lowdown yodeling raunchsweet angel-harmonizing straightshooting sexlusty badass femmetastic friendship-bonded moonshinesoaked songwriting smokyvoiced supertrio Bang!Bang straight outta Nashville direct to Joshua Tree throws down freewheeling psychswampy bustedlove tunes under a fat bright moon, while the New Stars Old Stars neon sign flickers over the stage, over you with your cracked lizard boots planted in desert dust, your gauzydressed ass planted on a haystack, while hay needles and musical notes poke new holes in the fabric of the Universe... Rhythm, backbeat, sonic pictures, tone. Let it spill on the page like a tune you can't get out of your head. I think now of the three-woman Nashville band, their creativity unbound and easy, joyous and ripe, spinning musical magic from Southern summer heat, swampass, and sorry one-night stands. Bang!Bang!"



Flamboyant and trashy sexy (so much glitter and so much make up!) locals Bang! Bang! (not to be confused with Bang! Bang! Bang!) opened, playing a quick and dirty set of upbeat, funny tunes, one of which was a break-up song about a woman's dog pissing on her lover's flannel shirt. (By the way, she's keeping the damn dog, even if she promises it won't pee on anymore clothing.) After a few more sultry tunes, the band left the stage as a woman in a hot dog costume ran on and threw Bang! Bang! koozies into the audience. Well, OK.